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6056 E Baseline Rd.

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Mon - Fri 6AM to 7PM

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Decorated Athlete/Coach Returning To Her Roots To Make An Impact

From Athlete to Coach

Chelsey Street always knew she wanted to pursue a career in athletics.  Growing up, she was a multi-sport athlete.  She played volleyball, basketball, softball and threw for her high school track and field team.  In college, she focused her athletic pursuits towards softball.  After graduating from Arizona State University, she transitioned from athlete to coach.  Her time at Arizona State was rewarding!  She was part of national championships, three PAC12 conference championships and made numerous Women’s College World Series appearances.

2011 National Championship

And over the next ten years, she pursued her passion in coaching.  She left her mark at other prestigious universities such as Georgetown University, the University of Texas and Grand Canyon University adding to her collection of conference championships.

Working with active individuals has always been an important driver in her career path. It is what continues to fuel her passion for helping others achieve their goals and be the best versions of themselves.

From Coach to Personal Trainer

She returned to the valley to take on the next important role in her career.  Sports performance has always been her passion.  She has a decorated career as a coach at the college level but decided to make it a priority to reach a broader audience. So now it is time to pay it forward by giving back to the community.  She committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise and hopes to inspire others to value their health and well-being by living an active, healthy lifestyle.

Chelsey turned down high profile jobs with large companies to join Spark Performance and Physiotherapy.  She wants to promote our mission of helping active adults and athletes become stronger and live a longer, healthier, and more enjoyable life.  And as a former athlete and an active adult, the vision of Spark Performance resonates with her.  She is passionate about health and wellness and finds purpose in helping others participate in a healthy, active lifestyle.

Chelsey continues to train the active adults so they can stay active and healthy. So, whether that is chasing after kids or traveling the world, she is committed to helping achieve their goals. She is focusing her passion for health and fitness toward those who have recovered from a rehabilitation program.

Personal Training Client

Teaming Up with Dr. Alexander

As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, she works closely with owner, and Physical Therapist, Dr. Steven Alexander. They work together creating a seamless program to encourage not just recovery from injury, but prevention of any further injuries. And their teamwork ensures patients can return to the activities they enjoy most.

Dr. Alexander says “Chelsey plays an integral role in bridging the gap from rehab to performance. People go to rehab because they finally realize the pain has gotten so bad that it is time to be addressed. And our goal at Spark Performance is to decrease pain and focus on improving their strength. Chelsey is able to bridge that gap and ensure they make a full recovery.

Not only that, but she is also there to help them gain their confidence back in returning to the gym or their sport. Accountability is a key component.  And it is about creating a routine that will have a lasting impact.  I have always had this vision for my company to be able to help pick up where rehab clinics leave off. After a rehab program is finished, where do patients go? And what do they do? Some return to their normal, active life right away. But others cannot. For some, that gap is the difference between a full recovery and a future full of recurring injuries and chronic pain.

And Chelsey shares my goal to help them return to their sport or activity confidently.  We are unique in our approach to recovery.  We specialize in not just healing but building strength and enhancing performance. This is our mission at Spark Performance.  And it is something Chelsey and I are committed to providing to each of our patients individually based on their interests, activity level and goals.”

Paying it Forward

Though she is no longer coaching at the collegiate level, her focus continues to be the athletic population. She is excited to continue coaching active individuals and getting athletes to the next level.  As a former collegiate athlete, she understands the importance of sport specific training and the commitment it takes to get to the next level.

High Fives For Homeruns

Her approach is individualized.  She understands that no two sports are the same.  And each athlete is unique. So, being able to break down the requirements of each sport is key.  It allows her to individually design strength and conditioning programs.

So, whether you are an active adult wanting to elevate your active lifestyle or an athlete wanting the competitive edge it takes to perform at the next level, Spark Performance & Physiotherapy is the place for you.

If you feel the same way as we do here at Spark Performance & Physiotherapy, let us know! If the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle resonates with you, give us a call today at the clinic at 480-452-9191. You can also send Chelsey an email to learn more about personal training, sports performance and nutrition and take the next step in achieving your goals of living a healthy, active lifestyle by signing up for personal training.