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How To Make It Round After Round 

If you are reading this, it is likely you are having a tough time making it through a round of golf. Or maybe you are good for a few rounds but are finding it increasingly difficult to make it through the entire golf season. 

You are also likely aware that golf is a sport. Anyone who has played golf before understands the physical exertion needed to go all 18.  But amateurs like you and I often forget that aspect until it is too late.  

Those professionals on the television make it look so easy. Well, most of them do. They “show up” for their weekend tournaments and play 4 rounds in 4 days if they make the cut. What a dream, right?

Have you ever thought about how difficult that must be though? Some of us have a hard time finishing one round of golf without being tired for the rest of the day. 

Others try to do the back-to-back rounds on the weekend for a binging of golf when the friends are in town. And we pay for it! We feel so stiff and sore by the time Monday comes around.

Scheduling a golf trip with friends? Forget about it! You think you will be finishing 4 rounds of golf in 4 days? Yeah, right. Now you are really off your rocker. 

The professionals are professionals for a reason, but what makes them different from amateurs such as you and me?

Obviously, the list of ways professionals differ from you and me could be very long. But I think it boils down to four main reasons:

  1.       Their mental game is better
  2.       They are more technically sound
  3.       They are more strategic and able to think ahead in the round better than you and I
  4.       …..

What is the easiest way, yet also the hardest way, to make it through a round of golf? Or a golf season?

Answer: Improving your physical fitness level.


If it were easy to change the mental side of the game, we would be able to hit a bad shot and recover. Most amateurs hit a bad shot and it ruins them for, at least, that hole.

Are you going to become more technically sound? First, that takes quite a bit of athletic ability. And it takes a lot more time and repetitions than what we have since we are working, raising kids, keeping significant others happy, etc. Secondly, this would require you hiring a golf coach. I don’t know why some amateurs have a hard time swallowing that pill and asking/paying for help, but they do. And which coach is the best with your type of swing? Most amateurs can’t tell the difference.

Can you improve your strategic thinking? Maybe. That is also trained and takes a lot of rounds and coaching to help your thought process. Are you going to take the time to do that? Answer: it will come.

But your physical fitness?! What a low hanging fruit!

It is the one you can make the quickest change with. If you start developing the strength and power to be able to rotate through the hips, there is an extra 10-20 yards on your drive. If you improve your stamina, making the turn on to the back 9 will feel like you just started your round! Don’t forget, golf is a sport that requires a lot of quick twitch fibers that will fatigue more quickly.

Why is it also the hardest?

Because it takes work. Everyone wants the “EASY” button in life. Think about what “advances” we have had? Amazon has made it easier for us to sit at home and shop. Doordash/Grubhub has made it so we can order from a ton of restaurants and get our food in 20 minutes, without even having to put pants on.

As humans, it is almost in our nature to be “lazy”, unless it comes to surviving. We are motivated to survive. That is eat and sleep. We will do whatever we can to get those basic necessities in life.

But, when it comes to pleasure, such as golf, we get lazy. Let’s face it, us amateurs aren’t going to be making it onto tour anytime soon. We can practice all we want in our youth, we also probably won’t just end up on the Senior tour one day making money by golfing.

If you want the easiest way to improve your golf game, work on yourself. Helping your body become stronger and more powerful will make you more resilient. It will help you get through all of those rounds of golf much easier…and with less pain!

Want help developing a plan to get you hitting the ball further? Want to make sure you can make it to the 19th hole with your golf buddies? Do you have goals of making the tour?

We have a program for you!

At Spark Performance & Physiotherapy we have developed a total body strengthening program that was specifically designed for golfers.  The program incorporates endurance, stamina and strength training that is aimed at helping you as a golfer make the most of your round of golf.  If you want to increase the power and distance of your tee drive, decrease fatigue before the back nine and lessen your day after soreness from all those swings, this program is for you!

Give Spark Performance & Physiotherapy a call 480-452-9191 today or send me an email at [email protected] to learn how this program can help lower your handicap and keep you energized to make it through all 18 and still have some in the tank for the 19th hole with your golf buddies.