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6056 E Baseline Rd.

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Mon - Fri 6AM to 7PM

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From Physical Therapy To Personal Training: The Importance Of Transition

If you are reading this, there is something you need to know.


You are built different.

And we know that.

But that is what makes you and us alike!

The Missing Link

Spark Performance was designed with the active adult and athlete in mind. We are bringing the fields of physical therapy and sports performance that is not seen in the East Valley.

It is a unique experience for our patients who have an injury or are recovering from a surgery to step into a clinic that looks like a gym and feels like a gym. We all know that athletes make a lot of their performance gains in the gym, so why not rehab in the same setting?

That leads to faster recovery times from injuries and surgeries. Increased confidence with returning to the gym without re-injury. And, ultimately, increasing your performance when you return to your sport. After all, isn’t that what we all want? To perform better?

Whether that be to get back to chasing the kids around and not letting them beat us in a sport.

Or, getting back onto the golf course and showing up with 15 more carry yards off the drive.

Or, trying to get you ready to make the jump from being a high school athlete to the college athlete.

Whatever your ‘sport’ is, we got you!

The Spark Performance Difference

This type of model allows our clients to reach a new level of success beyond what is seen in most clinics! Let’s face it, life is not full of bands, it is full of weights.

I have been seeing an increase in people who have been ‘discharged’ from other physical therapy clinics because they, or their therapist, said they were “good to go”. Which is great!

Until they decided to start getting back to the gym. That is when the worry and fear set in that they were returning to the gym that may have been the scene of the crime (where they hurt themselves originally). Or, this is where they know they are going to push themselves and have anxiety about re-injuring themselves.

We get it. You put in the work, spent countless hours rehabbing your injury and now it’s time to transition back into the gym. Sometimes that transition can feel a bit daunting, especially after recovering from a surgery or major injury.

Transition Is Important

This is where Spark Performance & Physiotherapy outperforms other clinics. Our dedicated staff work together to build programs that are a natural transition from physical therapy to personal training.  Keeping in mind the original injury or pain point, the personal trainers work alongside physical therapists to ensure the seamless transition and continued success of our patients.  The ability of physical therapists and personal trainers to work together allows us to make sure our patients get back to what they really enjoy most! And do so confidently!

You made the right decision by choosing Spark Performance once before.  We understand the importance of transitioning from physical therapy to personal training in order to effectively return to the activities you love the most.

If you or someone you know is in need of physical therapy, that is great, we can help!

If you are looking for another program to transition yourself from an injury back to training, we can help with that!

Feel free to reach out to us! We would love to find out what your goals are, what is stopping you, and your best route to achieve those goals!

We are a team of dedicated and trained professionals looking out for your health and your ability to get back to your active lifestyle and stay active.