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5 Benefits of Strength Training

Do you know what the longest fight in the fitness industry has been?

It’s strength training vs cardio.

Some of the myths associated with the die-hard cardio lovers: “strength training makes you look bulky” “why would a woman want to strength train and get big” or “cardio is good for the heart, not all of those muscles”

Some of the myths associate with the die-hard strength training lovers: “Cardio is saved for when I am running from a bear” “Cardio kills the strength gains” or “I’m not doing cardio, I will look like a skinny little weenie”.

If there was a gun pointed at my head and I had to choose one or the other, without a doubt I would choose strength training (and it’s not just because my frame is not cardio-friendly).
Here are 5 reasons why strength training rules and cardio drools:

1. Decreases Risk of Osteoporosis 

When is the best time to start preventing osteoporosis? Yesterday. The next best time? Today.

To make it brief, your bone breaks down and rebuilds throughout your entire life. It never stops. Osteoporosis happens when the breaking down happens faster than the building up. Do you want a way to stimulate the builders of bone? Perhaps light a fire in their ass?

Easy. Start strength training. The body weight and pulling of your tendons on the bone stimulates those builders to start building.

2. Get the Metabolism Burning and Look Good While Doing It

Strength training not only improves your strength and physical appearance but also boosts your metabolism. Continuing to burn fat even after the workout is done is one of the most incredible benefits of strength training.  Strength training on a regular basis will help you lean out for that sexy, sculpted look that never goes out of style. So if you want to look good now AND look good later, hit the gym.

PS Beach season is quickly approaching…hint hint…

3. Keep Your Ticker Ticking and Get That Breathing Right

 That’s right, the ol’ ticker gets a kick in the rear end during strength training as well. For muscles to work, they need oxygen. If you are using more oxygen in the muscles, your heart and lungs will sense that and start putting in the extra work to quench the muscular thirst for oxygen.

4. Improve the Function Between The Ears 

Exercise induced endorphins can make you feel better in the moment but they can also have a lasting effect on stress and other mental conditions such as depression and anxiety.  Strength training has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety while also providing confidence and a more positive self-image.  When you look good, chances are you feel good about yourself too.

5. It’s a Personal Challenge

As humans, we grow, throughout our life. Physically AND mentally. Lifting weights is a great way to challenge your growth. It is you vs you when you are strength training. Set new personal records. Stay motivated. Kick your yesterday’s ass.

Plus, the stronger you are, the harder you are to kill.

So if you want to decrease your risk of osteoporosis, improve your vital organ functions, look good naked (or clothed), improve your mental and emotional well being and challenge yourself, you should consider starting a strength training program.

There you have it, 5 reasons to start doing battle in the iron jungle!

It is time to get growing and improving!

If you are interested in reading up on other benefits of exercise and physical activity, check out this article about how exercise can help you age more gracefully.

See you in the Iron Jungle!