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Free Report: 7 Quick Tips to End Chronic, Nagging, Daily Shoulder Pain…Without Medications, Injections, or Surgery

7 Quick and Easy Steps to End Shoulder Pain…It Will Work Whether You Have Been Dealing With Shoulder Pain For Days, Weeks, Months, or Years…And Are Feeling “Stuck” And Tired of Being Tossed Between Physicians With Nowhere Else to Turn.

We Help Athletes and Active Adults Get Back to the Activities They Love Without Medications, Injections or Surgeries

Yours free from

from Dr. Steven Alexander

I will reveal the most simple and effective strategies to relieve shoulder pain for those athletes and active adults who are tired of suffering and want to return to their healthy lifestyle.


Dear Shoulder Pain Sufferer

Shoulder pain doesn’t care if you are a novice, professional, or just a weekend warrior. When your shoulder starts to hurt, it becomes increasingly difficult to play tennis, pickle ball, basketball, golf, yoga, attend exercise classes, or enjoy your own workouts in the gym.

If you have been skipping certain movements at the gym, or trying to find ways to adjust your swing to avoid pain while playing tennis/golf, then the following information is what you need!

Shoulder pain typically starts out very mild and may even feel like some neck pain. This mild discomfort is first noticeable during your athletic movements and then start progressing into your every day activities and become annoying, constant, and achy with occasional sharp pains with lifting/moving…

…If left untreated, the shoulder pain not only prevents you from exercising, but starts limiting your everyday movements like carrying groceries, driving your car, picking up your kids, washing your hair, or sleeping through the night.

It is important to know that you are NOT ALONE when dealing with shoulder pain. Approximately 15-25% of people report having shoulder pain on a weekly basis; however, only 50% of people report a full recovery after 6 months.

This is because typically the first treatment prescribed is rest and medication. Those rarely ever fix the source of the problem.

Sure, the pain goes away when you stop using your arm (who wants to stop using their arm the rest of their lives’?), but it just comes right back as soon as you get back to your active lifestyle. And medication only blocks the pain you are feeling at the time (band-aid treatment), not to mention the side effects can discourage some people from taking them.

Chances are you have already discussed your shoulder pain and received advice from your physician, a trainer, your co-workers, or even family/friends. But, they just don’t understand how important it is to you to stay active and healthy, continuing your exercise routine or getting together with friends for some friendly competition.

They don’t understand that stopping the activity that gives you so much enjoyment and keeps you healthy is absolutely the LAST thing you want to hear.

Here at Spark Performance and Physiotherapy, we take a different approach because we know a BETTER WAY to get you out of pain fast while staying active!

If You Are Worried Your Nagging Shoulder Pain Will Keep You From Exercising And Staying Healthy The Rest Of Your Life, Want To Find The Source Of Your Pain, And Learn How To Exercise, Then There is HOPE!

Our Approach

Before I go on to tell you exactly how we can help to fully resolve your knee pain, let me just say that what we do at Spark Performance and Physiotherapy is completely different than what’s provided at other physical therapy clinics in many facets.

The main one being that we believe “movement is medicine” and use an active approach to rehab that addresses your specific goals head on instead of wasting your time using ice, heat, electrical stimulation, or even worse, telling you to rest and take medications with harmful side effects.

At Spark Performance and Physiotherapy we believe your movement education is the number one way you not only get out of pain quickly but also keep your pain from returning!

If All You Have Tried Is “Generic” Easy Exercises, Rest, Ice/Heat, and Medication Without Any Long Lasting Relief from Your Shoulder Pain, Then It’s Essential to Improve the Way You Move!

Here’s Who We Can Help

What I want you to know is that at Spark Performance and Physiotherapy we don’t claim to help EVERYONE. We specifically help active people who want to overcome their pain without pain medication, injections, or surgery and who desire to stay active and healthy. If you can say “YES” to any of the following, then the specialist service we provide is RIGHT for you:

  • You’ve noticed an annoying “ache” or “sharp” pain in your shoulder for more than 10 days
  • You have severe pain that limits your ability to reach overhead or lift objects
  • Your shoulder pain keeps you from performing to the highest level in your sport
  • You’ve experienced pain that keeps you from a full nights sleep
  • You value the enjoyment of exercise and strongly dislike the idea of being at “rest”
  • You would rather not take pain medication or having injections

If you said “Yes” to anything above then you are a perfect fit for our specialized care and we will be able to help you achieve your movement goals!

The treatment philosophy we provide will get you back to lifting, throwing, or serving with less pain, more strength, and better performance. Plus, we offer the longest evaluation and treatment TIME with your therapist per visit in the East Valley. We take the time to listen to you, understand your goals, and provide individualized treatment.

If you are interest in receiving specialist care, learning how to use movement as medicine, and are ready to take control of your shoulder pain, then start by making a no-hassle or obligation request for more information on cost and availability by filling out an inquiry form.

Do you have more pressing questions that you would like answered?

If so, you can call and set up a time to speak to one of our shoulder specialists! We will spend 10-15 minutes on the phone to ensure your questions are answered.

Feel free to call us and ask to set up a phone call with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

As always, stay active and healthy!

Steven Alexander PT, DPT, Cert DN

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