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6056 E Baseline Rd.

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Why Won’t My Back Tightness Go Away?

One of the most common things I hear during my first phone call with clients about back tightness is:

“I have been dealing with this back tightness for X amount of time…AND I have already gone to get my x-ray and MRI, both showing degeneration, herniation, bulging discs, etc. “

Most of these people have tried the manipulations from chiropractors, they have gone through the injections with a pain doctor and even have tried some physical therapy, all to no avail.


After talking with the clients about what each of those treatments consisted of, I have one common answer. They all tried to address the SYMPTOMS and not the PROBLEM.

Manipulations from chiropractors are great for some pain relief and a temporary increase in range of motion. Injections are typically addressing any possible inflammation or swelling, but then what? And, some physical therapists believe you should be laying on a table for your entire session while they use their manual skills and just give you very low-level activities to do in front of a tech who is probably playing on their phone.

Those are NOT long-term solutions for back tightness.

The Solution to Back Tightness

Most clients have gone through this exact scenario: Scheduled a visit with their primary care doctor at the earliest available time (2 days), wait for 30 minutes past your appointment time to be seen by the doctor for 3 minutes, all just to be told to take some muscle relaxers and go get an x-ray, return if symptoms don’t improve. Well, symptoms don’t improve, and the x-ray shows “nothing definitive” so you schedule another 3-minute visit with the doctor who then gives you a script for stronger pain medication and schedules an MRI. The MRI shows the degeneration, so the doctor says, “go have surgery or just keep taking the pain meds.”

It is all too frightening to see this scenario played out repeatedly.

All of this because my client noticed some back tightness.

And, all of the: time, money, unnecessary imaging, medications, etc. could have been avoided if they were treated as a whole person!

It is all about addressing the problem and teaching people how to move better.

That is the ultimate treatment strategy: get people feeling better and moving better.

Make sure the healthcare provider you entrust with your health is a firm believer in moving. That is the ultimate healer.

PS If you are ready to start some treatment for your back stiffness on your own, feel free to claim your free copy of our free report, which shows the fastest and best ways to eliminate back stiffness:

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