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When Should You Go See A Physical Therapist?

When Should You See A PT

When Should YOU Go See A Physical Therapist?

When I am out in public and around friends/family, I get this question a lot. It takes a lot to admit that you are injured and that you may need some help.

Or, that you have let so much time go by thinking it would go away, so it is hard to get over the “embarrassment” of making that phone call and asking for help at this point.

Or, worse yet, you tried other healthcare professionals who weren’t able to help you. Now you are more skeptical about healthcare professionals and if they can even help you.

I get it.

There are so many reasons why it takes people a long time to finally go see a physical therapist. Most of the time it is due to a lack of certainty when to go.

Below are some of the most ideal times to go see a physical therapist:

  • Low back pain that has lasted more than 7 days and is starting to impact your ability to sleep or cause you to miss work
  • Knee pain that is starting to make you “walk funny”, avoid stairs and curbs, and is making getting on and off the floor very challenging
  • Any difficulty with bending over or returning to standing after picking up objects off the floor; from a light dog bowl to a case of water
  • Unexplained numbness and tingling into the extremities that are impacting your ability to walk or perform work/computer activities
  • Hip popping, pinching, or tightness that is making it difficult to squat, run, or walk with your friends and family
  • Shoulder pain that is keeping you up at night and limiting your ability to pick up little ones
  • Unable to comfortably make the turn to the back 9 or struggle making it to the 19th hole
  • Heel/foot pain that is excruciating to walk on in the morning and you have already tried “Dr. Google” and asked your non-medical professional friends for advice that didn’t work

These are just some of the most common reasons why people finally come see a physical therapist. Please be on the lookout for yourself, but most importantly, your friends and family who are starting to have experiences like those described above.

Are you dealing with something not listed and are unsure if physical therapy is right for you? Feel free to call the clinic or schedule a call with a physical therapist who can discover if what you are experiencing and going through is something physical therapy can help with.



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