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The Simplest Change at Set-Up to Alleviate Pain and Improve Distance

There are many technique changes to make when trying to hit the ball further. Most of my patients and clients want the quick and simple fix to help them get through their round of golf with less pain.

Most of my patients golf frequently and partake in tournaments and hours of practice sessions. That is a lot of repetitions/swings.

You see, most of us deal with some sort of pain/discomfort. Back pain has been named the number one cause of pain/disability in golf.

Photo Credit: 3 Rivers Orthopedic Associates

You don’t even have to look far to hear stories of golfers on the highest level who deal with some sort of back pain (i.e. Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, to name a few).

Just like the aforementioned pro’s, most people like to just play through the pain. We have been told all of our lives that the pain will go away, just “sleep it off”, “suck it up”, etc. So, reluctantly, we do. But, what happens when that pain starts affecting our distance on the ball? Or, what if we start hitting it into a few more water hazards? That’s the time people finally realize they need to seek out professional help.

Now, normally I would say one size does not fit all. But, I believe this simple change at set-up can help alleviate some pain.

Changing Your Golf Stance

That change? Simple. Turn your lead foot out.

Why is this the easiest change to make? Because you aren’t moving.

You should want to get to the cause of why your pain is present in the first place. Is it from a lack of hip internal rotation? Decreased strength stability on the lead leg? Etc. Those are all things that should be teased out and addressed.

As with any profession or sport, you should find your weaknesses and work on those. Turning your front leg out will help in the meantime.

So how does turning out your lead leg exactly help with the knee, hip, or back pain?

For one, people who don’t have enough hip internal rotation will not follow through as smoothly, effortlessly, or with the same amount of needed rotation if they don’t have the hip mobility. They will stop their motion short or lateral flex (side bend) through their lumbar spine.

Again, it is important to improve your hip internal mobility so that you can properly rotate through the hips in favor of the low back.

Secondly, it helps increase your base of support, and therefore, stability. The front leg needs to be strong as you shift your weight onto it in a rotated position. If it is weak/unstable, your body will not naturally let you shift onto it. Widening your base of support adds stability.

Again, it is important to improve your hip strength/stability so that you can properly shift your weight to the front leg.

If you are tired and frustrated with not being able to hit the ball as far as you used to and noticing the back pain is stopping you, then feel free to schedule an appointment to find out which of these problems you may have that is impacting your golf game. A good way to address your issue is to find out what your true underlying issue is.

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