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Golfer’s: Is Your Mid Back Hurting Your Low Back?

Do you feel your mid or low back tightening up after completing the front 9?

It makes it tough to ask your golf buddy to take your ball out of the hole because you don’t want to bend over.

And, I’m sure you have noticed your low back pain lingers days after shooting a round or two. Maybe to the point where it is difficult to bend over to tie your shoes.

Most people get fixated on the fact that the pain is in the low back, so surely the low back is the problem to address to fix it. That is only partly correct.

Most golfers are in-tune with swing mechanics, or at least just know a little bit about form and position.

One common subject I tend to educate the golfer’s I see on is the fact that the lumbar spine just transfers the energy your low body creates into your upper body to perform the golf swing. The lumbar spine is not meant to twist with the swing, rather, it should stay rigid.

Proper Position For Your Golfer Back


We all know how important a good backswing, specifically a good shoulder turn, is to set you up for a proper downswing. One common flaw during the backswing involves golfers rotating through their lumbar spine to get to their ‘optimal’ position. As mentioned before, the lumbar spine should be rigid throughout the swing.

What is one of the most common causes of losing rigidity through the lumbar spine during your backswing? Hint: it’s not lumbar spine stability…

Lack of thoracic mobility.

If your thoracic spine does not move well, then the joints above and below it must compensate and move more. In the case of the backswing, our body has no use for increasing cervical rotation (that won’t develop more backswing motion with our arms), so it diverts its rotational motion to the lumbar spine.

I will say, I believe a lot more golfers are becoming aware of this and are trying to correct it. Rotational exercises are great and will go a long way.

Videos To Help Your Low Back

But, I also wanted to make note that our thoracic spine can use some extension to perform rotation and optimize your golf swing. Here are some of my favorite rotation and extension exercises to give golfer’s to help them maintain, and improve, their shoulder turn during the backswing:

Side Lying Thoracic Rotation:

Quadruped T/S rotation:

Quadruped Lat Stretch/Thoracic Extension:

Do you have any questions about pain during or after your golf game? Feel free to schedule a free consult so that we may help you breakdown your movement and get you back to a bogey-free golf game!*

*No guarantees you return to a bogey-free golf game, especially if you were not a bogey-free golfer prior to onset of pain



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